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The Good Guys

As Founding Partner of The Good Foundation, The Good Guys was instrumental in bringing Jamie's Ministry of Food to Australia in 2010 and is proud of its continuing partnership with The Good Foundation. The Good Guys has supported the national expansion of Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia, helped promote the program through its network of 101 stores and championed petitions for government funding. 

The Good Guys is committed to addressing important social issues and contributing to social change by supporting grass-roots programs like Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia because results show that change is achievable with the right tools and education. Programs like this help not only to empower and encourage individuals and communities to make positive changes for better nutrition, they also address the significant issue that new generations have a shorter life expectancy.

The Good Guys believes in the aims of Jamie's Ministry of Food which inspires, educates and empowers people to get back to basics in the kitchen, cooking simple, healthy, fresh meals from scratch. Giving people the skills, knowledge and confidence to cook can and does lead to better health outcomes and longer, healthier lives. 

"As a business that sells one in every three fridges and cooking appliances, we believe we have a responsibility to help empower Australians to make informed decisions about what they are putting in their fridge and what they are eating. Through this partnership with The Good Foundation, The Good Guys is able to make a positive impact on the growing issues of obesity in Australia."

 - Michael Ford, Chief Executive Officer The Good Guys.

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