Jamie’s Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen is set to visit Newport for the first time. Following huge success in previous locations, including most recently Cairns, Mossman Gorge and Cleveland the Mobile Kitchen will be in Newport from 16 January 2017 for ten weeks, located at Stockland Newport, corner of Griffith Road and Boardman Road. Bookings open on Friday 9th December 2016.

Local residents will have the opportunity to access and participate in an innovative, community based cooking program built on Jamie’s beliefs about cooking and the associated impact on healthy living. The basic home cooking course will deliver hands-on cooking classes led by a team of dedicated Food Trainers and local volunteers.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia is delivered by The Good Foundation and supported by Stockland while in Newport. Queensland Health provides funding to The Good Foundation to support the delivery of the program throughout Queensland.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food is a practical solution to the problems associated with diet-related disease. The community-focused program aims to inspire people to get back to basics in the kitchen. It’s about teaching people to start cooking for themselves and equipping them with some simple skills and knowledge. The program inspires and empowers change in the way they and their families eat, and how they think about food.

The 90 minute classes are held at the same time each week for five weeks with a maximum of twelve participants in each class. The course is open to people aged 12 years and over, who want to learn the basics of cooking with fresh food in a fun environment.

Recent reports released by the Queensland Department of Health*, show that in 2015-16 58.8% of people over the age of eighteen in the Moreton Bay LGA were overweight and obese and 95.4% of men along with 90.8% of women over the age of eighteen had an insufficient daily vegetable intake.

Queensland Health’s Executive Director of Preventive Health, Kaye Pulsford said the mobile kitchen program was giving local residents an opportunity to learn basic food and cooking skills and providing them with practical tips on how to achieve better health.

“This program is all about getting people back in the kitchen and showing them that creating tasty and nutritious meals can be fun and affordable,” Ms Pulsford said.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia has been proven to work. A comprehensive 3.5 year evaluation funded by Queensland Health and conducted by Deakin University and University of Melbourne showed that participants who complete the cooking course purchased and consumed more vegetables, were more confident in cooking meals from scratch and spent less on take away foods.

The cooking program includes Jamie’s hints, tips and shortcuts for preparing healthy food from scratch using fresh ingredients which is of particular importance with only approximately 7% of the Australian population eating the recommended daily serve of vegetables.

“Jamie’s Ministry of Food is a fun and engaging program that fosters a sense of community and social connectedness. The program achieves measurable health and wellbeing outcomes for participants and The Good Foundation is thrilled to be bringing this incredible program to Newport,” said Felicia Mariani, CEO, Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia & The Good Foundation.

Where is the Mobile Kitchen? Stockland Newport – Corner of Griffith Road and Boardman Road, Newport QLD 4020
When do classes begin? Monday 16th January 2017
How long is the course? One 90 minute class per week for five weeks
How much does it cost? Classes cost $20 per session, $15 for student card holders and $10 for concession.
When do bookings open? Bookings are open from 9th December 2017 via www.jamiesministryoffood.com
Who do I contact to become a volunteer? E-mail volunteer@thegoodfoundation.com.au

The Good Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which has partnered with Jamie Oliver and principal partner, Woolworths to deliver Jamie’s Ministry of Food throughout Australia. Queensland Health has committed funding to The Good Foundation to support the delivery of the program in Queensland. Stockland is a local partner of Jamie’s Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen program in Queensland. The Good Guys, founding partner of Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia, is proud to support the program which is helping to build healthier and happier communities.

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