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A Ministry of Food Centre is a place where participants learn basic cookery skills in a friendly, supportive and fun environment. Participants learn practical, hands-on cooking classes that demonstrate how easy and affordable it can be to make simple and nutritious meals from scratch.


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ABOUT OUR jamie's ministry of food course

Over 5 sessions participants will learn to make key recipes that cover every meal; from breakfast and sides to lunch and dinner. Taught by professional Food Trainers, participants will learn knife skills and techniques to make it simpler and quicker to cook delicious meals on a budget. Participants will learn how to bring the best flavours out of fresh ingredients and how to meal-plan on a budget, so that food goes further.

Book a course today to learn how to get the most out of your pantry through cooking fantastic healthy meals!

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia’s Mobile Kitchen

Mobile Kitchen

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia’s Mobile Kitchen travels all over the country offering our famous 5-week cooking classes in 5-, 10- and 15-week cycles.


If you would like our Mobile Kitchen to visit your community, click Learn More.

What is the
outreach program?

We have delivered our famous 5-week Jamie’s Ministry of Food courses virtually and face-to-face in communities all over Australia. This is your chance to have Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia come to your community and teach valuable, lifelong kitchen skills.



Who can participate?

Our courses are open to anybody that wants to be involved. If you wish to participate and cook along, participants must be over the age of 12 in order to keep up with the recipe and pace of the class. Participants who are 12 -16 years old may require a parent or adult guardian present. 

Our program is ideal for beginners and intermediate cooks, but even experienced cooks come away with new skills, techniques and knowledge.

What do I need?

It is easy to join in – all you need is a hunger to learn how to cook some of Jamie’s popular recipes.

Additional details

Our classes runs 5 x 60-minute sessions, and can either run over 1 week or over a month.


Concession and Student Discounts are available.


Head to our FAQ page or email us at info@thegoodfoundation.com.au

Still have questions?

Head to our FAQ page or email us at info@thegoodfoundation.com.au