Jamie’s Ministry of Food will require the vital support of Volunteers and it’s a great way of getting involved if you believe in the campaign and already know how to cook.

Volunteers do not lead a class, however, they are often involved in prepping, assisting the younger or slower learners, and supporting the staff with admin tasks where appropriate. As Centre’s open all over the country, we’ll be looking for Volunteers to come on board.

Volunteers are a substantial and integral part of the organisation and the commitment and contribution of volunteers is highly valued.

What do Volunteers at Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia do?

Jamie’s Ministry of Food programs require volunteers in both the Centres and Mobile Kitchens. This will involve a time commitment of approximately 5 hours a week. We understand that time will vary for each volunteer and we value your contribution greatly. To ensure we have appropriate resources and support to deliver a class, we require at least one volunteer to assist the Food Trainer in every class.

If you are thinking you would love to be a Volunteer click here to register your interest.