Ministry Of Food


Jamie’s Ministry of Food aims to educate, empower and inspire people to love and enjoy good food, learning how to cook, understanding where it comes from and recognising the power it can have on health, happiness and finances.

The Good Foundation has partnered with Jamie Oliver and The Good Guys to build, equip and run community based Jamie’s Ministry of Food centres, both permanent and mobile, around Australia.  They will deliver community education programs about cooking and nutrition to youth and adults.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food campaign is a practical solution to the problems of obesity and diet-related disease and a successful response to the lack of basic food skills in the population. By teaching people to start cooking for themselves once again and equipping them with some simple skills and knowledge, the campaign inspires and empowers change in the way they and their families eat, and how they think about food.


We’re getting too fat

Health experts warn Australia is one of the most obese countries in the world per capita. Around 7 million Australians are overweight or obese*. And it’s affecting our kids, too.

*Source: National Preventative Taskforce 2010; Taking Preventative Action.

Our health is suffering

We’re eating the wrong things and too much of them, so we’re not getting a balanced diet. Relying on takeaways, snacks and readymade meals doesn’t give you the right kind of nutrition for good health. We’re also more likely to develop obesity-related illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. This is the first generation in which children are predicted to die younger than their parents.

We’re forgetting how to cook

If we don’t even know the basics about food and cooking, we’re not likely to give it a try. Within a couple more generations we are at risk of completely losing our cooking skills.

Lack of facilities

There are very few facilities available to the public to learn the basics in cooking and nutrition.


A Ministry of Food Centre is a place where everyone aged 12 and over, regardless of gender, ethnicity or background, can learn basic cookery skills in a friendly, supportive and fun environment. Participants learn through practical hands-on cooking classes that demonstrate how easy and cheap it can be to make simple and nutritious meals from scratch.

Centres now operating:

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Ipswich

d’Arcy Doyle Place
116 Brisbane Street
Ipswich QLD 4305
Ph: (07) 3281 0340
Email: mofipswich@thegoodfoundation.com.au

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Ipswich conducts 5 and 10 week hands-on basic cooking courses, 90 minutes a week, teaching a different dish each week.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Geelong

106 Moorabool Street
Geelong VIC 3220
Ph: (03) 5222 8413
Email: mofgeelong@thegoodfoundation.com.au

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Geelong conducts a 10 week hands-on basic cooking course, 90 minutes a week, teaching a different dish each week.


A Jamie’s Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen is a purpose built kitchen classroom on wheels, that can travel around to metropolitan and regional communities bringing practical cooking skills to the community.

The Mobile Kitchen program is a condensed program and offers a five-week basic cooking course comprising one 90-minute class a week. Participants can learn Jamie’s hints and shortcuts to cooking simple, nutritious and tasty meals using fresh ingredients.

Mobile Kitchens now operating:

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen – Queensland

General public courses have now sold out. Further cooking courses are available at the Jamie’s Ministry of Food Centre in Ipswich.

Sunshine Coast Cycle 2 – Sold Out
Thursday 30th October – Wednesday 3rd December 2014
University of the Sunshine Coast
(access via Sippy Downs Drive)
Sippy Downs, QLD 4556

Logan Central – Bookings Open
Monday 8th December 2014 – Saturday 24th January 2015
This course will break for the Christmas & New Year holiday period & resume early January 2015.
Corner of Carmody Street & Ewing Road
(car park of Harmony on Carmody Café)
Logan, QLD 4114
Book here: http://thegoodfoundation.secure.force.com/bookings

Rockhampton Cycle 1 – Bookings Open Friday 28th November at 12 noon
Friday 6th February 2015 – Thursday 12th March 2015
Stockland Rockhampton
331 Yaamba Road
Rockhampton, QLD 4700
Book here: http://thegoodfoundation.secure.force.com/bookings

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen – Victoria

Knox Cycle 2 – Bookings Open

Friday 21st November – Thursday 15th January 2015
This course will break for the Christmas & New Year holiday period & resume early January 2015.
Knox Community Arts Centre
Corner of Mountain Hwy and Scoresby Rd
Bayswater, VIC 3153
Book here: http://thegoodfoundation.secure.force.com/bookings

Wodonga Cycle 1 – Bookings Open
Monday 19th January – Sunday 22nd February 2015
Wodonga Council Offices car park
104 Hovell Street
Wodonga, VIC 3690
Book here: http://thegoodfoundation.secure.force.com/bookings

Future Locations:

Ararat/Pyrenees/Central Goldfields: Mid April – End June 2015

For information on future visits from Jamie’s Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen please email info@thegoodfoundation.com.au


For more information visit the official Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia website at jamiesministryoffood.com